DanceFlow is a body expression class that allows you to have fun while increasing the knowledge and potential of your body. Through very simple movements and styles of music ranging from swing to tango, through oriental music and disco, you will be taken to multiple worlds where you will explore the different ways to move your body. You will be gradually led to let yourself go to express yourself freely on each dance step.

We are often under the influence of external or internal judgments. This pressure of wanting to please others leads us to forget what we really want and separate us from the present moment. DanceFlow allows you to let go of these judgments, to reconnect with the present moment and to gradually feel freer in the different spheres of your life.

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DanceFlow classes are given in the given formats:

Weekly classes

Wellness concepts for businesses in partnership with other wellness disciplines (yoga, tibetan bols)


Festival de la Terre 2018 

Centre Bansuri Yoga – Sion

Studio Pink’ Attitude

Impact Hub Lausanne

La Course de l’Arboretum


“I really enjoyed this class! Very playful, joyous, and benevolent … with a lot of freedom of movement and at the same time a structure that “gives space” to learn to vary his ways of improvising on music. Eve puts a nice energy and she is pro! I highly recommend this class!” Jacques